Is Katt Williams Facing Assault Charges?

Photo by Google Images

Comedian Katt Williams has more issues than he wants to admit. First, he has the balls to slap an Target employee following a police chase. But this recent move is not nothing to be smiling about!

According to reports, Williams pepper-sprayed a fan and rolled over his leg. The incident occurred when Williams and his bodyguard took matters in there own hands after a fan named Glen Jackson took a picture of the comedian. 

Williams and the bodyguard tried to grab the fan's but was unsuccessful so Jackson was pepper-sprayed. Jackson then stumbled out of the vehicle and that's when Williams ran over his leg with his Rolls Royce. To make matters worse Williams sprayed him some more while he was down. Now according to police reports, the comedian could be facing assault with a deadly weapon.

What is wrong with this dude? Katt Williams needs help! He has been getting in a lot of trouble lately from being tasered to having a car accident.

All we can do is pray for him to get better because he's not well!

Tamara M. Anderson