Did Floyd Mayweathe Jr. Disrespect T.I. & Tiny Again?

Photo by Google Images

Floyd Mayweather Jr. may be a great and undefeated boxer but he has no respect for another man nor his wife. He proved that when he blatantly disrespected rapper T.I. and his wife, Tiny, by calling her a b***h at one of his boxing events.

Recently, Mayweather called T.I. and his wife a b***h during a press conference for his upcoming fight with Marco Maidana. 

"What about T.I.?" someone asked from the audience.

"F**k the b***h. I was f*****g his b***h. Money may gon make it do what it do," Mayweather replied in front of his 14 year old daughter.

Later on the boxing champion denied saying those words exactly. According to him, he said T.I. thought he was screwing his wife! 

In response to Mayweather the King T.I. sais he hope Floyd is having fun and God bless him!

Wonder what Mayweather's father and uncle has to say about his behavior. There's a certain amount of respect he should have for another man. He should know better than to disrespect another man's wife. Just because he's a boxer doesn't mean that will prevent a man from disrespecting his mother or his daughter!
Tamara M. Anderson