Lil Wayne Gets Called Out By Crip Gang Member For Second Time

Photo by Google Images

Well, well, well, Lil Wayne's lyrics have finally caught up with him. Recently, the self proclaimed best rapper alive was called out by a Crips gang member.

According to reports, Wayne was approached by a Crips gang member following a performance at the Supperclub in LA. A man in a blue hat confronted Wayne while he was on his way to his vehicle.

"Ay Wayne, Ay Wayne, Wayne, Big Magic here. You better check in n***a, Magic, n***a, 87 gangsta, n***a, Crip. Straight up. Crip, n***a. Straight up, n***a. Crip, n***a, F**k Suge, n***a. Crip, n***a, N***a can't say s**t. You can call who you want to, Birdman, anybody," the Crip member ranted.

Wow! Now one would think that Lil Wayne would have responded to the man with one of his freestyles and it would have ultimately turned into a gun war. Instead the New Orleans rappers ignored the man, got into his vehicle and drove off.

According to reports, this is not the first time Wayne was confronted by a Crip member. Six years prior he was confronted by a group of Crips which was reportedly led by rapper 40 Glocc.

After this episode maybe Wayne should consider changing his lyrics. If you not bout that life you shouldn't claim it!
Tamara M. Anderson