Raashid Muhammad - "Star" ft. FranktikTheGod

Rising hip-hop artist Raashid Muhammad has maintained his craze amongst the fans by releasing new tracks based on hip hop and rap. Well, this artist has started his journey in the world of music at a very tender age. He was only eleven years old when he invented his rapping skills. When he was thirteen years old, by following a therapeutic way, he managed to escape the struggle that he actually had to face like other black men did. According to Raashid Muhammad, music is the only thing that can heal the mind. Therefore, he has chosen this way to get back all the peace of his mind. It works like weed and alcohol and gives instant relief to every pain. Raashid Muhammad has taken things into new direction. The hip hop elements in his tracks are properly infused together to make it a big hit. This artist is really giving a character and energy to all his tracks.