Knarly Jones releases versatile new EDM single "Redemption"

From delicate and serene to rhythmic and hysterical, Knarly Jones' new EDM single 
“Redemption” has peaks and valleys that will electrify you. Enjoy the new banger “Redemption” and read more about Knarly Jones in the press release below.

Knarly Jones is a Detroit-based EDM producer releasing new single “Redemption” on July 12th. “Redemption” is Knarly’s second drop in a series of four releases this summer, preceded by “Atonement” which was released in June. After spending time away from music to study mathematics and physics, Knarly returns to the electronic music scene with a refined cinematic style and a slew of new releases. “Redemption” combines cinematic scoring elements with classic electro-house feel and heavy drops to create a unique sound for 2019.

You can listen to “Redemption” on SoundCloud. Learn more about Knarly on his website

“Redemption” on Soundcloud