Rapper, Beav tells his perspective with powerful socially conscious visuals for "Guns"

America wants to the know the truth about the hood, huh? Well reporting live from the streets is prolific rapper, Beav, with the introspective video "Guns". Beav is telling life from the perspective of a young black man, where violence is just an everyday thing and 'everybody gotta gun'. The Dominic Fondon directed visuals covers alot of ground. Beav keeps it #100 with sharp conscious verses on "Guns" showing that it really doesn't matter whether it is the ops, young teenage hittas, stick-up men, or even the cops - anyone can get caught lacking. Read more about Beav and checkout the new video today.

“Guns” is the latest music video from Charleston, MO based rapper Beav. He is an intellectual hustler who uses words to tell the story of his life and the personal pain he’s overcome. His highly anticipated first album is gaining national exposure. Grammy-winning artists and up and coming hitmakers have helped bring Beav’s lyrics to life. Follow Beav on Facebook, Twitter(youngflygenius), and Instagram(beav_life) for updates, or you can listen to his work on his YouTube Channel.