"CØMPLIMENTS" // Jason Ivy releases masterful RnB ep

Chicago phenom, Jason Ivy delivers his 6-track opus 
"CØMPLIMENTS EP". This is a special project that shows growth of the artist as well as the growth of music itself. Using genius songwriting ability and executing elements of soul-trap, R&B, and hiphop, Jason develops a world of his own with magical soundscapes that evolve from song to song. Stream the full "CØMPLIMENTS" project today and read more in the press release below about Jason Ivy an the impact he is making with his new music!

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Jason Ivy is an up-and-coming, unsigned musical artist based in Chicago, whose freshman EP project, CØMPLIMENTS (released 2/09/19), has earned over 300,000 streams on Spotify and Soundcloud, as well as Top 10 R&B album placements on both amazon and iTunes. Ivy has been a self-starter and entrepreneur in the Chicago music scene for the last two years since returning home from college at the University of Pennsylvania where he studied Neuroscience and Linguistics.

Each icon represents one of the six songs from the project. In order, they are: Hate (the spiteful message and angered posture of the astronaut), Foreign (the astronaut itself), Higher (the rocket), Chlorophyll (the sunflowers), Ivy (the ivy leaves), and Pyre (the woman with the burning heart).

The concept behind both the EP and the cover art is that these are all separate concepts that function as a whole, all mostly contained within this jar. Each of the songs addresses the state of the jar — being emotionally empty or filled — which doubles as a graphic metaphor for the state of the narrator’s own emotions.