Incarcerated hiphop artist, Lil Man asks “Who Im Supposed To Trust” with new trap anthem

“Who am I s’posed to trust?! It’s like they’re all out to get me...” will be ringing through your head by the end of Lilman’s latest release. The Bay Area-born, Pittsburg, CA-based rapper is indomitable on this new banger; burning holes through the track with an incendiary series of bars. Melodies, embellished by sparkling guitars and reverberated pianos, are scorched to a crisp the moment Lilman aims for the beat. He blazes through lyrics regarding the turbulence of his addictions, personal life, and street life; as well as the damage all three have done to his reliance. Under this heat, even the galloping trap drums have melted into his delivery. All in all, “Who Im Supposed To Trust” is an exciting, new smash from the Money Star Mob talent. By the end of his chorus, Lilman chants “Oh, you think that gun really makes you tough?!”; erupting with a pure, fiery energy that welds a hot trap anthem right beneath his belt.

“Who Im Supposed To Trust”