ENVY drops #newage trap banger “ENVY X LAZARUS EFFECT"

“I need that green, its no stopping me...” are just two of the innumerable bars you are hit with during the river-esque current of Envy’s freestyle-like flow. Whilst swimming through his stream of lines on the latest release, “Lazarus Effect”, we come to know just how effortless this rapping thing is for the New York emcee. Not much strain is placed on the Rochester native in the course of his one minute and forty-six second onslaught. In fact, when riding the ominous, sparkling melody plus bounding, trap drums of his instrumental, Envy seems perfectly in his element. He is having fun on the mic, firing bar after bar off in the studio; and this care-free execution manifests an immaculate energy for the track. It results in nothing less than a banger for the Rochester streets. Likewise every block, party, and aux cord that surrounds; because, if Envy keeps this approach to his artistry, he will flood the market with more hits than we could count. He has the potential, and it is all evident through the unique delivery and flow of his latest offering, “Lazarus Effect”.