CHICAGO HIPHOP >> 40Flexinn kicks high powered freestyle “High Flow”

Slowly, a menacing piano and synth creep into your speakers. They transform into a full-paced, catchy progression, afore being cut by the raspy cough of the very person who’d come to slaughter them. 40Flexinn is his name; and with the bars/delivery of his latest opus, “High Flow”, this East Chicago emcee proves no beat is safe in the radius of his studio. He completely shreds the trap groove of this “High Flow” instrumental, with lyrics bouncing off of each and every 808 that pounds the mix. The pitter-patter of hi-hats carries his passion cleanly throughout the track. And his lyrical viciousness? That is punctuated by every snare’s smack. If “High Flow” is simply a freestyle; it is unfathomable what havoc this Windy City rapper will release when full-fledged. For he has already crafted an outstanding anthem. One the city, and streets beyond it, are destined to rotate.

“High Flow”