@Big_TTY Puts On For Nashville with "In My Bag" Video

With an eerie opening, DaPrince TTG hops on the beat and starts rapping his catchy hook. He then transitions into his verses as he speaks upon disloyalty and betrayal. He’s seen performing the song on top of a luxury car, made for a king. He’s drippin’ in chains chillin’ with the baddest chicks, showing off his lifestyle. DaPrince flashes his racks of cash as he represents Nashville, Tennessee. He’s clearly In His Bag as he puts on for his city as he makes his buzz in the music industry. His new music video just dropped on YouTube and he’s already raking in 3K views in a short amount of time. Check out DaPrince TTG’s visual to his In His Bag single below. 

YouTube Channel: DaPrince TTG 

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