Beatmaker/Artist, Tanner Mitchell Zingsheim aka Spectrum Bender new song “V01D” [Music + Interview]

There’s a pure, shining spirituality dwelling within Wisconsin singer/producer, Tanner Mitchell Zingsheim’s, recent cut, “V01D”. Under his alias, Spectrum Bender, the Colgate, devout Christian seeks to seal every last one of us in a vacuum of love; doing so through a marriage of poignant proclamation and prismatic production. The lustrous track kicks off with a buttery chord progression; satisfied solely by a recurring kick-drum, and Bender’s gentle croon. It is incredibly minimal in the totality of its glory, before converging into several evolutions of grandiose, pop production. Once upon the hook, “V01D” accelerates its aforementioned kick drum into a progressive, four-to-the-floor rhythm, backed by glittering, electronic percussions. Eventually, these elements transcend into instrumental interludes, where a trotting kick and 808 snare carry a surge of intricate key and synth breakdowns. Near the end of this productive gorgeousness, we are circled back to Bender’s chorus, where he once again breathes “Into the void we welcome love”. 

Verily, this Midwest talent puts God and Christ first; as there is a holy undertone to this entire creation. His attention, and furthermore, appreciation for detail results in a heavenly, pop opus only the heartless could reject. Even as “V01D” goes quiet, at the end of its two minute and twenty-seven seconds of excellence, that won’t be the end of your engagement with Bender. You’ll be dying to explore the rest of his magical catalogue. 

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