Stash Guapo releases new-age trap anthem "Praedam"

Remember the excitement you felt when you 1st heard artists like Future, Migos, or Lil Uzi Vert? Well, let me introduce you to the future of flex,Stash Guapo. On-the-verge artist, Stash Guapo's latest single “Praedam” has a far out new age feel. Overall, it is a very melodic and chill song that brings a real wavy vibe. Stash has an unique way of using his rap/sing combo and audio effects to get the message across. His lyrics embody a rap/hood culture style, but are delivered in a therapeutic singing manner. For sure, this is a song to mellow out for a sec and catch a smooth wave. 

Stash Guapo was born in NYC, but with this track, he has definitely embodied the Cali atmosphere, where he currently resides. Surprisingly, he has only been making music seriously for a year now, seems like his New York hustle will continue to push him to new heights! Enjoy “Praedam” and join Stash Guapo's growing movement today!

“Praedam” on Soundcloud