KI Back At It new album “Destroy and Rebuild New Jersey”

Music is a universal language that speaks not only volume but also to the inner soul of its listeners. There is a heartfelt need to improve the music industry and this artist is destined to rebuild the culture of true passionate music. Through his passion for music, he is determined to bring forth new talents to highlight the music world of New Jersey and its surrounds. Highlighting the downfall of growing talents within the area, it is about to change through his Jersey We Lit Records which is designing a new concept to “pull talents from the unknown”. 

In his latest single, KI Back At It, he highlights the need to be positive in going forward to achieving greater things in a radical yet realistic way. He shows how to keep it real with a great sound and beat that keeps you on your feet. Being on the hustle on a day-to-day basis gains motivation from this song and seeing he is one that writes and sings with passion “from his head” he is paving the way for greater things to come! 

Listen to “Destroy and Rebuild New Jersey”