GreediPhresh new age hiphop song "Sega & Chill"

Back in its humble beginnings, hiphop started out as a way for outcasts to express themselves that wasnt available in everyday society. Today, Hip Hop sets the standards thanks to artist such as Greedi Phresh. Greedi Phresh is an talented artist out of Harvey, IL that pushes hip hop beyond its norm to help to it reach new heights. He like many great music minds like Drake and Kanye West are able to fuse many elements of life, put it into their music and create something unlike any thing before. 

For instance, his latest single "Sega and Chill" is a synth filled, base knocking player track that just catches its groove and wont let you go. It kind of puts you in the mind of Wiz Khalifa in the "Kush and Orange Juice" days. Greedi Phresh says he blends artistic appeal, nerd culture, and urban narrative to create what he calls a Trapstalgic sound. The laid back players anthem features Jay Lyn Gatz is the perfect track to be playing if you have a couple of baddies around, enjoying and chilling with.