Follow Terrence North's journey on new mixtape "Dreams of Average"

We find ourselves in a new age of hip-hop, where the genre has evolved with this generation. With much more aggressive attention to soul infusion with contemporary rap, the birth of a new style and sound emerges with a variety of local flavor that has begun to dominate the industry. And with Terrance North, it’s no different. 

In his debut mixtape “Dreams Of Average”, he takes the audience on a journey that focuses on his deep-rooted ties to his hometown of Houston, TX. Using local music and nuances, he tells his story of how his environment, family, and lifestyle crafted his character. Terrance uses a mixture of laid-back and assertive flows on top of trap soul music with songs like “Purple Dreams” & “Tell Me What It Is”. He also showcases his ability to sing strong melodies and create even stronger hooks to encapsulate raw emotion and instincts. Understanding the work and dedication necessary to make his art, the mixtape is a celebration as much as it is an acknowledgement of his talent. With aspirations of becoming a true icon in this industry, Songs like “Life Goals” & “Major Blessings” showcases his full versatility. It has a true sense of longevity as well by taping into a youthful energy that resonates with a growing fan base. “Dreams Of Average” is a layered and cultured look at the world through a young artist’s mind. Building on top potential, it’s a mixtape that is in line with the fundamentals of hip-hop by using a unique connection of where one comes from. -Miami Erick

“Dreams Of Average” [Download]