Follow Mr2theP's life changing journey on new album "Island Fever"

7 records in 5 days for the sake of artistry! On-the-verge Huntington Beach hiphop artist, Mr2theP, uses his new project “Island Fever” to document a string of life changing events on the Hawiian island of Maui, where he currently lives. Listen to his journey. “Island Fever” showcases a mix of daily life, struggle, love, persistence and even a little on the more emotional side. Sole producer, Darren Vegas, flew out to the island for a 5-day creative experience where he has crafted a botanical garden of smooth vibes for P to ride the wave. 

The standout single titled “Natural” speaks volumes to his effortless talent and breathes a positive existence back into the music industry for the now and the future. This collection of bangers showcases his passion for music and his determination to strive above the usual to bring pure substance to the table while lacing tracks with an infusion of sub-genres: classic, trap, westcoast, and new-age hiphop. P says more projects are on the way as “Island Fever” is just the 1st in a 3-part album series. Download the project and follow Mr2theP's growing movement today.

“Island Fever” on iTunes [Download]