Pariyah releases visual for new wave breakup song "Karma"

They say revenge is a dish best served cold. For 23 year old super talent Pariyah, Karma is best served through a couple of sixteens and a hook. The Norfolk, Virginia do it youself native wears many hats to see his vision through. He is the label head at Langley Jourdain Records which he established in 2017. The self described loner and outcast, hence the name, also engineers and produces his own work, so saying the multi talented rapper has an ear for music is an understatement. 

 Pariyah is back this time around with his new single "Karma" and he is speaking to anyone who has gone through a bitter break up. The up tempo, guitar laced, oh how the tables have turned anthem is reminiscent of Kanye West in the 808 and Heartbreak days, gives off a great vibe as you listen and get over your former love. The seven year vet shows that what goes around truly comes back around and a little heartache can bring out much greatness in you.