Official GS Boyz are back with another monster hit single "Off Top"

In today's hip hop world, a song is not usually a hit without a dance to go along with it. Songs like Soulja Boy's "Crank That" or 3rd Flo "Do the Heisman" are pioneers and standout tracks amongst many in the song and dance era of hip hop. Many of those artists became one hit wonders while others prove that they can last the test of time. The Official GS Boyz or more explicitly known as the G Spot Boyz have proven to be part of the latter. In 2008, the GS Boyz gave us two smashes out of the gate. The Arlington, Texas natives formed the group in 2005 independently and three years and over 1 million records sold later, they were receiving interest from industry big dogs like RCA and Sony. 

Now, the GS Boyz are back after a brief hiatus with their new single "Off Top." "Off Top" is a different sound from when we last heard the group, but packs the same anthem potential. The hard slapping bass quakes through you speakers, making it very easy to vibe to. The song has a catchy sing a long hook that will keep you singing it hours after the song has ended, with sharp lyrical verses to make "Off Top" a complete hit. 

Official GS Boyz recently shared their moments from the making of the song with USA Blog Network's interview series. Fall into the new hit "Off Top" and checkout the interview today!