Ginger Bread Man ft.Tank Nitti new song "What The Business Is"

Ginger Bread Man is back at it with another single, “What The Business Is” in which he goes all in while the transitions accelerate towards a haunting instrumental that’s complimented by deafening beats. From a stylistic perspective, the track has balance that’s inspired by modern trap sounds such as “SurfClub”, amngst other tracks that are melodically driven, while he takes the listener into introspection mode. Tank Nitti also comes through as his skill set shines stupendously.

I must acknowledge that I enjoyed the vocal tone and structure, part of what I think makes Ginger Bread Man a dynamic artist. At some point, I felt like he’s somewhat transcendent talented. Couple that with the production which pulsates with futuristic pop, electronic and trap elements blended into a perfect work of art. The track leaves me with a taste of a seasoned artist who’s about to make an articulation of rap star’s lifestyle.