FLYY NEWZ (@papizoo_zcmg) - 40 LIKE BAE

FLYY NEWZ has an anthem for the shooters with "40 LIKE BAE" under C&S Quality Music. "40 LIKE BAE" is a trip into the mentality of the Brooklyn representative who creatively personifies his weapon as if he has an intimate relationship with it. "I treat my 40 like bae, sleep with her every night, she with me every day" the rapper sings on the hook with an autotune-driven melody that seems to be built for todays climate. This single is backed by a quality visual shot by EBB Friday, the visual takes you through a day in the life of NEWZ which includes his beamer, his jewelry, his lady, and even a confrontation that almost result in NEWZ using his 40, proving that he isn't the one you should try. NEWZ isn't your typical Brooklyn rapper chasing the boom-bap era sound, he is making sonically relevant music and his image is aligning with the material. Look for "40 LIKE BAE" to take off in the streets and expect more to come from NEWZ.