Elo. fights the power with new song "Troublewaters"

It's much deeper than music, this is a movement. Elo. doesn't need the backing of industry honchos to get his message out and be heard. Giving you a view of Pittsburgh different from Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller, Elo. drops his new single "Troublewaters" featuring BlaccBrigade. The song has a mellow classic hip hop feel with harmonious vocals on the hook reminiscent of the late Nate Dogg. The track features an intro and outro by Minister Louis Farrakhan. In between, Elo. spits wisdom as he addresses racial and social injustices taking place in the world today. 

He recently shared his story with USA Blog Network with an in-depth interview about the new song. Elo. and brothasgottaeat2020.com family have something to say and something tells me this is the beginning of something much deeper than music.  Join the movement and download "Troublewaters" today on Spotify.