Lette x Trap-A-Holics drop a hood symphony "Pain"

Are you a true believer in music that makes you feel something? Well Westside Atlanta hiphop artist, Lette, connects with Trap-a-holics to create a hood symphony titled “Pain”. This is powerful hiphop!!! “Pain” is a look into the life of a young woman who is just trying to cope. Her words touch the soul! Listen as she re-lives painful memories over a dark and soulful anthem produced by beatmaker, Brent. Aside from rolling another 1 up, music is her therapy. Lette says, “Pain was written shortly after medically retiring out of the Army. I've seen alot, been through alot, and I am finally able to express myself through music.” The new single is a standout banger from Lette’s up and coming project “Clouded Judgement”. -Carl BFM Jones

Lette shared her unique story with USA Blog Network’s TheDopeness series recently. Listen to the interview and the new song “Pain” on Soundcloud today!