Bossup Baby writes his soul in ink with new EP “The Songs I Cry Too”

This feels like conscious rap 2.0. On-the-verge hiphop artist, Bossup Baby, leaves it all on the table with his new EP titled “The Songs I Cry Too”. Discover his life as he dives into his inner most thoughts over a sultry sounscape of classic R&B beats! “The Songs I Cry Too” tells a story of a kid who had to grow up fast, lost love, and common issues of life in the trap. Thoughtful gems like “Harder Than U Think”, troubled love songs like “Bout A Week Ago”, or hard times of a single father on “Take Me As I Am” will tell you a lot about who this man truly is. 

Bossup Baby says, “This project is made up of songs that gave a very strong influence in my life and extras, just to show pain and versatility to listeners and labels.” In conclusion, “The Songs I Cry Too” is a riveting work of art that shows the light at the end of the tunnel for a young black man trying to find his place in the world. Checkout the project from beginning to end today on Soundcloud.

“The Songs I Cry Too” on Soundcloud

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