Interview: MUBU Bubble Eye

Tell us about the name "Bubble Eye" and where it came from
Bubble Eye comes from the size of my started as a joke, in high school we were cracking jokes on each other, and one of my homies (Meez) [#FreeHim] said "I'm going to call you Bubble Eye". Next thing you know, the females in school and some teachers started calling me that so it i took a liking into it since the ladies start calling me that lol.

What got you into Hip Hop?
Growing up i always listened to music and acted as if i was the actual rapper of the song. Then my 8th grade year i participated in the school talent show. I performed the Big Tymer's song “Still Fly” and the school went crazy. That moment on i said l was gonna be a rapper lol.

You've been fairly consistent over the years dropping what would be called underrated projects like "Roll Up" & "Mubu Kush God". Can you elaborate on what you think it will take to wake up the people who are not yet familiar with Bubbs?
I believe i have to run into the right contact. My music is great and speaks for itself, but I’m lacking the proper resources to expand my following. Once that door opens though... the game is mine .

Tell our readers about Chicago and its different sides. You're from the East Side/ Englewood correct? Chicago is a beautiful yet crazy city. Despite all the negative rumors about my city.... it’s a great city. I like to think that we are trendsetters. It’s broken up by north, south, east and west. Each side has its on flavor and way of life. That’s what makes us so great. I was born on the south side (low end) of Chicago but moved to the east side. It’s where i became me. The Bubble Eye name, the swag, the lingo, just everything. I still heavily hang on the east side but majority of my time I’m in Englewood. It’s different in many ways but that’s what i like. Especially with my east side flavor lol.

What is your affiliation with MUBU Gang & King Louie? How did the relationship transpire into the music? Lou is like a brother to me as well as the fellow MubuGang artists . It’s more so a brotherhood than anything else. We all went to high school together and also hung out in the same neighborhood (Dro City) on the east side. In high school we remixed the Shawnna Getting Some Head beat and we spoke on all the females we encountered throughout our years there lol. Despite how cruel it sounds lol we actually got a nice response from the kids at school and around the city as it was spreading. So we then started taking it serious and calling ourselves FLY Ent. (Forever Live Young) which eventually migrated over to MUBU Gang. Till this day, music or not we are all just a group of friends more so brothers.

How do you think you differ from other artists?
I believe I’m different because i can actually rap. Like i feel i have bars and I’m lyrical. A lot of artists out of the city makes drill music. Don’t get me wrong i make it as well and love it. But mine has a lyrical twist to it. I call it Drillyricism lol i just created that too. (Remember where you heard it first lol).

What are the essentials of your style of delivery and beat-selection?
I love to switch up my flow in mid verse. I like to switch with the beat which isn’t a easy thing to do especially when you are actually spitting. I also love all types of beats. When I’m choosing beats it all depends on the type of vibe and mood I’m in. I like to be versatile when it comes to beats and play around in all genres.

Your latest single "Man Of The Night" is a certified banger and is heating up, tell us about the joint and how it came about
Man Of The Night is a track produced by my buddy Johnny Yayo. We were actually ending a session i had and he started to skim through his catalog of beats. When I heard that one i told him to send it to me. I waited a couple days then decided to write to it. At the time i was chilling and vibing in a great mood. I felt like the man of the night lol which brought the title and idea of the song about.

Dead or alive, who would be your dream collaboration?
My dream collab would be Jay Z or Scarface. Jay is my all time great and Scarface a legend to me... he cut from a familiar cloth (insider) lol

What’s in the pipeline for Bubbs?
More great music and great work. Consistency. Keep pushing and building until the world has the name Bubble Eye on their lips and in their playlist!

Any Final Shout-Outs?
Shout out to everybody who rocking with me and all the new fans that will be rocking with me because i know my time is coming!
Twitter: @_BubbleEye
Instagram: BubbleEye_