Supa Emcee releases inspiring new song “One More Try”

“Every morning you wake is another chance to fight”. Seasoned hiphop artist, Supa Emcee, knows this all too well as he breathes new life into the mic with an uplifting new song titled, “One More Try”. With the graceful touch of singer, Alexis Allon, the song has a soulful R&B sound that blends excellent with a boombap Golden Era hiphop vibe. Supa Emcee's anthem leaves an encouraging message to never give up on your dreams, even when the road seems impossible. Give it “One More Try”. 

He says to use passion and persistence and even mountains can be moved! Who else to deliver such a gripping message, than Supa Emcee? The protege of fallen rap legend, Proof (of D-12), Supa Emcee is championed in the battle circuits as a lyrical juggernaut and remains at the forefront of Detroit hiphop today. Now, working harder than ever, he is poised to change the game with his superior lyrical ability and his ambitions of the future. “One More Try” is a standout single from his new album, “My Words Translated Into Music”. 

Also, Supa Emcee recently shared his story and talked about the project in-depth with USA Blog Network's #TheDopeness. Peep the interview and the new single today!

Behind-The-Scenes Interview: