CHICAGO HIPHOP>> Marcus Alexander releases new album “Suited Up Vol. 1”

When is the last time you've heard a rapper who actually makes sense? Who is not auto-tuning, mumble rapping, trapping, flexing, saucing, swagging or.. eh, you get the point! Our culture is screaming for an hiphop artist who articulates common sense and positive values without the cookie cutter approach. Enter, spawn of hiphop's Golden era and on-the-verge mc, Marcus Alexander, with his collosal new album “Suited Up Vol. 1”. This is grownup music! 

“Suited Up Vol. 1” is an 8-track work of art with a focused on quality and sophistication. Marcus uses explosive punchlines and his superior lyrical abilities to pull the listeners into his world. He comes for the head of the industry with bangers like, “Average Rappers”. He takes a more personal approach while using creative metaphors for the ups and downs of his love life on “The Gambler” and then again on the emotional story of his absent father, “Sperm Donor”. Then he is ready for the world on positive anthems like “Battle Cry” and “Hover High”. 

In conclusion, “Suited Up Vol. 1” is a stellar project that is packed with gems! Marcus Alexander shows you a man on a mission to change the game with positivity and his skills.