Young Drastic releases new album, "Popular Unpopular"

Today's hip-hop game has become a watered down version of what it used to be. Most popular releases rarely offer anything unique or lack any substance. The problem? Society sets the bar really low nowadays. Perhaps.. Then you have students of music like Young Drastic with his explosive new LP "Popular Unpopular"

The way he masterfully approaches every track sets him apart from other artists. The album transcends genres as there are traces of hiphop, alternative, dance, jazz, and soul. For music lovers, the album "Popular Unpopular" will play like an 17-track work-of-art that allows you to explore pieces of the artist's life as the project chronicles his feelings and events that span from Dec. 2014 to Sept. 2016. Young Drastic says, "This project, much like myself, has been from hell and back. This album is made and released to not only be therapeutic for me but to truly close of a chapter of my life." 

It’s very apparent that Young Drastic has added so much substance to "Popular Unpopular" that it is a must listen! Download the full LP today on Soundcloud and checkout Young Drastic's behind the music interview below!

"Popular Unpopular" on Soundcloud

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