Its #MUSICMONDAY and Blok Club DJ P1 releases, "Only4TheReal Radio Mixtape" today! This is a dope collection of all the hiphop mixes P1 has done on top Chicago hiphop blog,'s weekly radio show. The project is now available for free download for the next 7 days only. Go Listen/Download NOW!
"Only4TheReal Radio Mixtape":

"If you have followed me and are a fan of what i do, you may know that I am a big fan of! Bundy and Jay are my brothers and I can say in some respects they discovered me and helped push my talents out to the Chicago scene early on. For that I'm forever grateful and we still rock to this day heavy. With that said as i evolved and got into the DJ game I was looking for opportunities and radio outlets and Bundy came through with the plug. These mixes have been featured on Only4TheReal Radio and each mix is built around a couple songs picked by the O4TR staff and the rest curated and mixed by me. Its a project that I have been proud to be apart of. I encourage you all to get in tune with them and check out the radio show when it airs. In the meantime and between time here is a small collection of the first few weeks of mixes that I did for the radio station available for free download for 7 days! I have physical copies that will go up for sale shortly as well. But here it is for the free just click the pic and download now. "