The 12th Human Releases New EP “Inundated / Apparition”

One guy and a passion project. The 12th Human’s new EP “Inundated / Apparition” will keep you compel you with three indie-rock tracks that simmer with energy and thoughtful execution. “Inundated / Apparition” All instrumentals and vocals were recorded, written & performed by Eric Wexler. The EP was masterfully produced by Randy Pasquarella of Pasquarella Recordings. “Inundated / Apparition” will be released April 28th on all major streaming services and will be available for free digital download on his website

Eric Wexler is a 24-year old musician who grew up on the East Coast. The 12th Human is an entirely DIY project that started as a small passion project but it quickly becoming something much more than that. The 12th Human started summer of 2016 and has been steadily gaining a following ever since. His new record is a 3 song EP that resulted from months, days & hours of hard work.

Listen to “Inundated / Apparition” (Available April 28th):