Listen to love song "Make It Okay" by Adamant

You know how the old saying goes, "The grass always looks greener on the other side". Guys usually find this out the hard way. We mess up, lose what we had and then get this horrible feeling in our gut that we just lost our last chance at true love. We finally get it and grow up. We are finally ready to commit to that special someone for a lifetime. This is what you will feel when you listen to Adamant's new single, "Make It Okay". He says, "When you learn from your mistakes and have the ability to do what ever it takes to get your woman back". 

As an mc, Adamant has the uptempo lyrical ability of a young Chamillionaire or Flo Rida by the way he keeps audiences engaged with his unique rhyme patterns while still following the story. "Make It Okay" is a hiphop song with an universal R&B sound. This is a standout single from his upcoming EP "On My Way". Follow Adamant's growing movement and read more about the artist below.

Rapper Earl Lee Allen was born—and raised—in Hammond, Indiana, but currently resides in San Antonio, Texas, a city ripe with hip-hop talent and history. While he enjoys his work a supervisor at a juvenile treatment center, making music is his 'true' passion. "I believe the music I create is relatable and can make a positive impact in someone's life," he says. He describes his music as having a therapeutic approach to it—it's conscience, thought provoking material. "I enjoy writing and performing spoken word," says Earl, who began with poetry base before transitioning into writing hip-hop over soulful instrumentals. He initially became inspired by his younger brother, Rico Loso—an artist who has been crafting material for years. He's quick to acknowledge that his biggest influences and motivating factors, though, are his adoring wife and daughter. "My aim is to make music my kids can be proud of--[music] that will make them proud to say that's my dad."