Durrty Hanna Drops A New Video!

New York rapper Durrty Hanna has a style and flow that is unrecognizable and untouched by many. Taking inspiration from iconic artists like Lil’ Kim and Notorious B.I.G.; the Bronx rapper’s music has a very consistent 90's vibe which sets him apart from other rappers out today. Critics acclaim Durrty has a new style of music that hip-hop needs. And not only does his music appeal to a larger audience, but it sends a deeper message, as well. Be sure to check out his new EP on Soundcloud and his new video to lead single "Mad Or Nah"!

‘Durrty’ Hanna that rivals with many of the well-known artists of today; with fans and a following that measure up to his style of music. ‘Durrty’ – as many know him – is from the Bronx, New York and the name ‘Durrty’ is how his friends labeled him, because he would leave them as a young adult to indulge in his passion, music. Now, we hear why he followed his dream. Inspired by artists like Salt & Pepa, Lil Kim and the Notorious B.I.G., he too, always has a relevant message.

‘Durrty’ has collaborated with Durrell Arthur and JE Mini on the label production by DJ ‘Inf’ ‘The Turn Up’. Growing up in church and a part of the choir, his faith and message brought him to a level in music to claim his place in R&B and Hip-Hop, as a writer and arranger of music for artists and himself.

Topping the charts at #8 in 2016 and heard on ‘We On Nation’ and ‘We On Radio’, his mixtape/EP The Durrty Chronicles/ Still At It, featuring his first single “Paparazzi” has our stamp of approval.

His message is about his life’s experiences, people, unity and love. His passion drives him to deliver this message in song. Since he relates to the universal effect of music, spreading his message to the masses is what you hear. His style is one to listen out for.

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