Amazing new single "Man Down" by WI-Z Grey

Ever just thought of the boundaries and frames set around music genres created by major artists and figures in the music industry?
Fans and listeners having to commit to a certain musical niche and prove dedication to it even when it strays from it's form and
meaning just because so called musicians they look up to says it's ok?! Well, meet the 19 year old polymath, Wi-z Grey. An artist with a wide involvement in various categories of entertainment. One who believes in restructuring music back to a form where it becomes less predictable making listeners more conscious and having the ability to understand it's true value and appreciate what is good from what is not. 

Recently releasing his new single titled "Man Down" with Bentley Records, he explained his believes when it comes to being neutral in the content of what he produces. Not having to fake your reputation and sell out your passion and devotion as an artist in the name of success and full blown eagerness for a breakthrough in the industry. In his own words "First impression is everything. If you portray an image that goes contrary to who you actually are and what you believe in, that is a path you'd have to stick to in order to sustain your carrier. Over time, you loose the grip of your identity and battle between decisions to stick to a specific personality. After that, Music just becomes a Job. Not something you love and get paid for to do. True musical artists would realize this. The ones to say it's 'ok' are the glitches in the industry, Creating synthetic music in the name of business, having no regard for intellectul property and paying their way through spots to blind fans from understanding and recognizing these counterfeits". 

Even through musical themes that have been disfigured, Wi-z Grey still manages to find a way to maintain facts and morals in his content and in a way he sees best explains the point he's trying to put across. @wizgrey