New Banger by TunezUnknown "No Company"

Let me introduce you to the realest nicca out right now. TunezUnknown, has a middle finger for any hater or fake friend. You know the type... Only support when you up. Kick you while you down type. The homie, TunezUnknown, speaks real life shit on his new banger, "No Company". This is 1 for all the grinders & hustlers who do it all with no help. Tunez harmonies get extra emotional as if stabbed in the back over a dark piano, synths, and a deep head knocking baseline. Download the new single "No Company" on Souncloud today and read more about the rising hiphop artist, TunezUnknown, below.

Get to know Cincinnati, OH artist TunezUnknown. He is shedding a bright light on the underground scene with his original and gritty sound.

The rapper, singer-songwriter, and producer, sounds unlike anything else out there right now. Songs on his SoundCloud, which have reached thousands of plays in just a matter of days, makes the leap between today's hip-hop indie records to a newfound hardcore rap style. He’s quickly becoming something of a cult figure, as his popularity grows with each new day that he spends releasing new music and content across social media.

On track with staying true to himself and his reality, there's no doubting TunezUnknown‘s music and vision. His latest record titled "No Company" dives into a topic that is least spoke about in today's music but is very relatable to many of us and that is due to a lack of support from our friends and family. This is a true record that is built from pain and passion.

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