Listen to Diipps new EP "F.U.S.M - Fucked Up State Of Mind (Part 1)"

The future of R&B is here! Diipps is the truth as she drops a new 4-track EP titled "F.U.S.M". The Ep Which stands for "Fucked Up State Of Mind" is a body of work compiled of emotions, quality & unpolished talent. Here she shows an array of raw talent with creative song writing and a smooth angelic delivery in the booth! The EP kicks off with a rewinding tape skimming through some of her songs, followed by her metaphoric drug song "Medicine". The next song is "Love Back" a break up song about someone simply demanding some Love Back, hence the title. last but not least is her sexy uptempo Single "Put It On Me" featuring rapper, SwaGG & Rapper Kid Slate. Read more about Diipps below. @Diipps #Diipps #FUSM #ICMG2DEEP

"Chelsea “Diipps” McCallum was born and raised in the South Bronx and heavily influenced by Hip Hop culture. The Bronx-based singer/songwriter's sound is heavily influenced by 90’s R&B with a mix of today’s popular sound. Diipps started taking her craft seriously at the age of 12 and, since then, has been taking the genre of R&B to a raw and gritty place that has often been described as T&B, or Trap & Blues. 

Diipps got her start in entertainment as a Hip Hop dancer. She quickly made the transition to music and has been pursuing it ever since. She is a singer/songwriter and recording artist with ICMG/2 Deep. Diipps admits that it is her pain and sense of vulnerability that fuels the fire in her music. As an artist, she values her ability to really dig deep, channel her emotions, and communicate the heartfelt messages that give her lyrics life. 

One of Diipps goals is to speak to a generation of females who are afraid to express themselves freely. With her 2 singles “Love Back” and “Put It On Me” she displays her ability to express what she believes is too different aspects of being a woman. As she continues to produce art from the heart, Diipps hopes her music will encourage listeners to reflect on their pain in order to work through it, because pain can be a great source of power."