Album of the Week: Listen to TaJ's soulful and conscious EP "Alienated"

For a hiphop purist, fine rap connoisseur, and Golden era mourner, this is it! TaJ's new EP "Alienated" really speaks to me. Imagine if someone was in a coma for 20 years and finally was revived. Woke up and saw all the bullshit that is today's reality.. He would see the downfall of lyrics, fashion, common sense, and an idiot as president. TaJ wants to really open eyes, lift the veil and show you what's really going on in this society, our community, and our culture! I had the opportunity to listen to the 6-track collection for a week, below is the breakdown of its soulfulness. Also, view the behind the scenes interview with TaJ about the making of the album below!

TaJ - Alienated
1. Abstract(Intro) [ Prod. by TaylorMbeats ]2. Prophecy [ Prod. by SoleDad Brother ]3. Tryna Live [ Prod. by SKID PREMISE ]4. Ghetto Poem [ Prod. by Mad Real ]5. Beautiful Struggle [ Prod. by Lupin the beatsmith ]6. Alienated (outro) [ prod. by Justin Kase ]

Abstract- An explosion of consciousness over a soulful soundscape, where he exposes lies of money, greed, and pride.

Prophecy- A jazz influenced attempt to open minds beyond the block with imagery as vivid as Netflix's new documentary, "The 13th". 

Tryna Live- TaJ explains his reality as a artist trying to make it and surviving beyond the age of 25 as a young black man over an ill sample that sounds like an ole negro spiritual. 

Ghetto Poem- Uptempo hiphop joint that allows TaJ to display his lyrical range elaborates on being an outcast.

Beautiful Struggle- TaJ reminisces on hard times in the hood with loved ones that seem hard but ultimately made him into the man he is today.

Alienated- A conscious groove that sums up the feel of the entire album.