#FavArtistof2016 Rapper/DJ/Promoter, P1 puts it all on the line in 2016

P1, Chicago standout performer, Blok Club DJ, and ground breaking promoter, has been selected as USA Blog Network's 'Fav Artist of 2016'. P1 aka Phenomenal 1, is an independent artist who has been making alot of power moves this year! Since releasing his critical acclaimed album in years, "Vintage Phe", he has been taking Chi-Town by storm on the 1's and 2's as a member of famous DJ crew, Blok Club DJ's. Also, P1 is the curator for monthly hiphop event, #SICSundays, Chicago's Best Day-Party!


It's rare that you hear a project with such character, but here it is for your listening pleasure. Last night at his BDay/Album release party, the Midwest's most respected mc, P1, dropped his highly anticipated album "VINTAGE PHE". I had the pleasure of executive producing this 12 track future-classic collection of songs so ofcourse I can tell you what it is.

On "Vintage Phe" P1 shows a different, edgier side of himself with songs like "Million Years", the story telling on "Stole My Bike" and "Pressure" is sure to keep you interested, the ladies are sure to fall in love with the melodic groove of "U Like Me", & you can never go wrong with uptempo headbangin' singles like "Feeling Like a King""Whats In This Weed", and "Keep Flowing".


Primarily known for rise as a hiphop artist, P1, is also making his mark around the Midwest as an innovator as a Blok Club DJ. In Chicago, you may catch him in the club every night moving dance floors and crafting sonically pleasing mixes for the fans! Listen below as Blok Club DJ P1 goes in on a dope mixture of 50 Cent, Busta, and T.I. Book P1    

P1 is co-founder of a recurring hiphop show that has slowly become a giant event that is rich in culture! SIC Sunday's is the premier day-party & concert based in Chicago that has a unique format.  Every 3rd Sunday, the SIC Squad brings you a dope show with some heavyhittering features and a special DJ tribute that honor hiphop legends.


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