Smoove Jee Presented By Malko Shamo Ibrahim

A good woman is hard to find in this day and age. Unconditional love is very rare. So when you find someone who is special, you should try your hardest let them know how you feel about them everyday. That's what Smoove Jee's new jam,"Des" is all about. "Des" is a love song where he professes his love for his woman for the whole world to hear! It is a touching and personal song that is very special. Smoove Jee's mid-tempo conscious flow is perfect over the deep baseline and piano. Look out for more magical music from rising star, Smoove Jee. Read more and follow him below.

Get Connected with the Artist:

Born and reared in Boston, Massachusetts, Smoove Jée relocated to The South in his teens. "I moved because a lot of people I knew began to get murdered... The city was really starting to get bad. Then I had an encounter with a group of kids which really made my mom move me out of there a lot faster to South Carolina (Kingstree), which had zero homicides that year." Inspired by his experiences growing up in the City of Boston, his music was further influenced by both his departure from the sharp edge of city living and the burden of knowingly leaving behind family and friends in a community often prone to violence and destruction. Knowing that he got out, but so many acquaintances still faced bleak futures, Jée fine-tuned his sound to revolve around motivating and uplifting storytelling. Songs like "One Time" speak to youthful angst and possibilities while winding listeners through the sun drenched, treelined southern countryside. "Boston Dreams" brings forth the other side of the coin and takes you live and direct to his hometown, lyrically driving you around Boston, the music reaching it's arm across your shoulder to personally tour you through his coming of age.