One thing that’s for sure is that rising hiphop artist, Skylar Allen, has a way with words! His new conscious song “Fragile Love” is a testament to that. While listening to “Fragile Love” you will see through the eyes of a young man as he shares a moment in his life over a dope, J Dilla-esque, Yondo beat. With help of his intracate hiphop flow and soulful harmonies, Skylar Allen displays that he has the power to connect with listeners in a very emotional way, while telling an ultra-personal tale of a past relationship. 

On the intro to “Fragile Love”, Skylar says, “A little story about: a time, a place, a face.” Her face is one that Skyar can remember oh so vividly, as if it were just yesterday. Everyone can relate with this story, because we’ve all been through it before. It is the hurting feeling in your gut. One moment you are sharing your life with a special love. The next, you have grown apart and have stopped speaking for good. Sometimes reliving the past helps, but not recommended... That’s fragile love.

Skylar Allen is an artist from New Hampshire. He makes hip-hop with alternative influences, creating bangers as well as a laid back, more classic sound. His image/aesthetic is a hip-hop rockstar.

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