VIDEO REVIEW: 3tre - Michael Corleone

"Feeling like Michael Corleone. Feeling like a don"

3Tre is back! When you think about Chicago hiphop in 2016, you should have talent in your mind. 3Tre is 1 of Chicago most talented hiphop artist who has a slick mouth, powerful outlook on life and keen ear for writing, recording, and performing amazing music! This is a reason die-hard fans of his recent album "Identity" have been waiting for him to re-emerge.

To our pleasure he returns with a gem in the form of his standout hit titled "Michael Corleone". The Jay Mavaz directed video shows how 3Tre is feeling in a very vivid way. He walks you a day in the life of a boss! "Michael Corleone" is a very clever song that using mob terminology to describe his sex game. If you slept on his album "Identity" then bless your heart.. Listen to the full 13 track project at 

Download 3Tre's full song "Michael Corleone" on spotify here and follow his growing movement today.

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