John Gotte drops a very powerful street anthem, "Let Me Be Great". The new single "Let Me Be Great" is an inspirational banger with an dope bass-line. John Gotte strives for greatness and tries to uplift the spirits of the community. 

Stream/Download John Gotte's new song "Let Me Be Great" today, read more about John below and follow his movement by visiting @JOHNGOTTE2.

John Gotte was born and branded in Miami, Fl. Gotte grew up in one of Miami's toughest neighborhoods. At a very young age Gotte adapted to his environment quickly. He worked just as hard as the other hustlers in the grimy streets of Liberty City. His father was very known which made it even better for Gotte. Gotte ate good which made him able to shine bright. But in those neighborhoods you always have someone hating in the background.Due to his success Gotte was hit 9 times by a hater but being that Gotte came from a strong bloodline he was touched by angels and survived the attack. Gotte always had a passion for music so he put more time into his music. He is here to stay and He's not going no where. He doesn't care what anyone thinks because he know his true worth.So in the words of John Gotte, "Blog This".