VIDEO REVIEW: Stew - #GinaHuntFlow

Last year, up and coming Indianapolis mc, Stew, dropped a video #GinaHuntFlow. #GinaHuntFlow is cerebral groove for the mind. The song allows us to peer through the lens of this young man. The video takes you on a tour of his city and captures awesome moments of his life! Within the same year that #GinaHuntFlow was released, Stew's life was tragically taken due to senseless violence. The video is being re-released to pay homage and to celebrate Stew's life! He will def be remembered! Rest well Stew!!!

The project is being released posthumously, as Stew passed away on August 13, 2015. He was twenty four years old. This new music video is an elegant combination of three videos that Stew released on YouTube in 2014. 

The endeavor includes a freestyle video of a studio track 'Player Made,' a video of
Stew collaborating with fellow hip hop performer Bug$y, and finally, a video of Stew and his friends entitled '#WalkingRaps.'

Each of the three videos incorporated into this new release showcase a poignant part of Stew's artistry and life. Music wasn't a hobby for Stew – it was a lifestyle and a calling. He toiled endlessly in the studio to build a future in the industry and he is well-remembered as an extremely intelligent, creative, and talented young man. His signature phrase, "Chooo!" would always make an appearance at any live gig he performed.

All of Stew's creative projects and personal musings can still be found online, preserved through his social media. Fans can connect with all of that below.