Haifa Wehbe’s Social Media Posts Spark Wedding Rumors


Haifa Wehbe’s Social Media Posts Spark Wedding Rumors

International pop star and actress Haifa Wehbe has fans buzzing after posting a photo with producer Tarik Freitekh and the caption, “Real friends treat you like real family.” The post, which earned over 65,000 Instagram Likes in one day, was followed by a photo of her holding someone’s hand wearing an Audemar Piguet watch. Simultaneously, Freitekh posted a photo with his new special edition Lebron James Audemar Piguet purchased at a charity auction in Florida for $65,000.

Fans and social media followers are now desperate to uncover if these two are making more than just music.

Since Wehbe signed with Freitekh’s World Music label in 2014, rumors have been circulating about whether the two are in a relationship. Their recent social media posts have led fans to speculate if the two are not only dating, but also possibly preparing to wed.

A recent video posted on YouTube of Wehbe and Freitekh kissing was viewed over 2,400,000 times. And while neither have confirmed whether they are dating or engaged, one thing is clear – fans are already approving of a union between the superstar singer and business and music industry mogul, who’s reportedly worth $300 million. 

For now, Wehbe and Freitekh are remaining tight-lipped about their relationship status. If nuptials are on the horizon, only time – and maybe their social media accounts – will tell.