PROJECT REVIEW: Lord Haiti "On My Soul"

On My Soul (OMS) is the first EP in three years that Lord Haiti really dwells into a genre that he created called "Vibe." This melodic and bass heavy body of work proves that Lord Haiti's genre of "Vibe" will become an innovative movement in the culture. 

“On My Soul” can be described as a base-heavy, melodic project with a chill and mellow state of mind. The project focuses on helping an individual vibe along to the tunes, getting lost into the euphoric, and sometimes spiritual feeling, through all the different sample cuts. The “On My Soul” 8 track EP is very cohesive, telling a story that can be interpreted several ways by the listener. The project features samples from iconic platforms from our childhood, such as the diary theme from popular TV sitcom “Moesha,” Nina Simone’s “Here Comes The Sun,” Aaliyah’s “Never Coming Back” and more. Freddie Old Soul, King Butch, Schenay Mosley, Edgar Rios, Michael Penny and UCOBY are just a few mentions of artists Lord Haiti worked with to make this project possible.

Listen and Dance To "On My Soul" EP Project Here:
  Social Media: @LordHaiti