The Rising Up Of New Indie Bands

The Rising Up Of New Indie Bands

Christian music really has come a long way in the past 10 years. This is largely due to the fact that good quality, Christian bands are getting more airplay or exposure with the likes of YouTube, Facebook and other similar platforms. It could also be because we are seeing better bands come onto the scene.

Whatever the case, Christian Indie music is now a genre all on its own with fans going absolutely crazy over Jars Of Clay, The Ember Days, Steven Welch, Abandoned Pools and Sleeping At Last.

If you are confused as to what exactly Christian Indie music is, it doesn’t actually have a specific style or genre. Instead, it is Christian music, which is produced separately (or independently) from the major record labels. Major Christian record labels include Capitol Christian Music Group, Integrity Music, Hillsong Music, Sixstepsrecords and Brave New World, to name just a few.

Most Christian Indie music artists and bands begin their careers in church, playing in their local worship groups. They often write their own praise and worship songs and introduce them to fellow churchgoers, which is often how they first get noticed.

The aim of Christian Indie music is firstly to worship and give glory to God through music. A Christian Indie musician often understands that they have been blessed with a musical talent and wishes to bless others by creating beautiful music.

There is a plethora of Christian Indie music radio stations available online for streaming from reputable sites such as, Here, you can conveniently stream you favorite stations and listen to the very best in Christian Indie music wherever you happen to be!

With a flourishing Christian Indie music industry like this, music lovers everywhere really are spoiled for choice!