SONG REVIEW: Joemo - Mentacally

"1st I please you Mentacally"

Here's a bedroom banger from Joemo! On new single "Mentacally" goes into depth about his sexual techinique, using mind control as a four-play to pleasure. This shit really works!!! Some women like to play submissive and really need that level of guidance and motivation to cum. 

Anywho, alternative hiphop artist, Joemo, delivers a solid late night thoughts hit with "Mentacally"! This is a single from his breakout album "P3 to Ph". Read more about Joemo and get "P3 to Ph" today on itunes by clicking the pic below!!!

"Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Joemo is a Hip Hop artist, who transgresses the boundaries of his genre with his innovative and experimental style.

Exploring Hip Hop, R&B and pop music with powerful word play and edgy lyricism, Joemo is a talented and passionate performer. His witty flow explores thematic concepts such as hardship, struggle and the journey of life itself. Joemo is a voice for the underprivileged, and he uses his music to connect with the younger generation and to ultimately inspire them into a better life.

Joemo’s road to success and fame has been difficult but he used his love and passion for music to find a purpose in life and frees himself. His music recalls the sounds of Lloyd Banks, Dru Hill and Back Street, but Joemo brings a dynamism and energy that is unparalleled. His passionate and deep lyrics, and upbeat musical clarity is an incredible experience, and this artist is one to look out for."