NEW VIDEO: Cobell Damu - "No Limits"

Cobell Damu Has “NO LIMITS” 

Dallas-based artist Cobell Damu comes back swinging as he releases his newest single "No Limits" along with a self-written and self-directed musical short film. Showcasing deep and illustrative lyrics alongside a big beat, Cobell explains that "'No Limits' is an expression of new found confidence in myself."

Born Da'treyiou Allen in Fort Worth, Texas, Cobell realized his talents early on and as a child he began exploring his creativity, entertaining family and friends at social gatherings, and performing at local YMCA's. As he grew, he discovered new talents in website design, HTML formatting, producing, cinematography, graphic design, painting, and sharpened his rapping, singing, songwriting, and recording engineering.

Showcasing those talents, Cobell wrote, directed, and edited the musical short film for “No Limits." In explaining his vision, Cobell explains, "The red water effects is a play off the biblical story of Moses freeing the African Hebrew people from the Pharaoh. I am using this illustration to lead my people through the message of my films and music."

Stay tuned for more refreshing production and lyrical flow from more projects set to be released this summer on his website (which, of course, he also designed). A true entrepreneur and visionary, it's only a matter of time before Cobell Damu takes over the world. Until then, all we can do is wait, watch, and listen.