Mz Mali - Can’t Get Enough

"Can’t Get Enough"

One of the top singles from Mz Mali’s latest album, "New World Order," her raw lyrical display in “Can’t Get Enough” is what sets her apart from other female rappers. The Utah-based rapper is back with another hardcore street premiere unveiling her usual no-holds-barred flow.

Best Female Rapper, Mz mali aka Mz Maliciouz has put together an EPIC Music video.

Here she invites the homiez over for a lil 4:20 event. Mz Malicious is known like that of a Rasta king, and is in full support of legalizing the sticky icky medication. putting together the project was CAKE. THE SMOKIN LATINA HAS THE CHARACHTERISTICS OF EAZY-E, EMINEM, LIL WAYNE, POTLUCK AND YELLOW WOLF.

She will remain throwin out hard hitterz. SO BE ON THE LOOK OUT!