MIXTAPE REVIEW: Aris Hursey - I’m Sorry I Should’ve Been Put This Out

"I’m Sorry I Should’ve Been Put This Out"

Constant stream of consciousness. That's the only way I can sum up Aris Hursey's new masterful project labeled "I’m Sorry I Should’ve Been Put This Out". 19 dope tracks recorded over a mixture of classic Jay-Z, Biggie, and original production! Read more about Aris and follow his movement below!!!

Aris says,
"Scattered thoughts become one on I'm Sorry I Should've Been Put This Out. Aris returns after almost two years to show his evolution in lyricism and style as he comes into his own. This tape is his form of an apology letter to his fans in a twenty track mixtape that allows everyone to get a snippet on how Aris has been feeling and what he's dealt with over the time he's been away."