Brando Martin - Secret [MBT3: St. Louis Winner]

Brando Martin proved himself to be the Lou's best kept secret at Midwest Blogger's Tour 3 recently as he walked away with the top honor of the night! He was handpicked that night by a media panel of Midwest bloggers and promoters for his standout out performance and on-stage charisma!!!

So it's only right that we present his new banger properly named "Secret".  "Secret" is a hit directed at the sexy ladies who want to slip away from their current boyfriend's to a real nicca. In this story Brando is more than happy to show her a good time and treat her how she is supposed to be treated. She asks throughout the song if he could keep a secret. True player shit!

MORE INFO:  "Brandon Umstead aka Brando Martin, a hip hop artist out of St.Louis, Missouri has profound himself in the music business. Moving back and fourth with his daily routines and making time for his music seemed unreal at first. Switching up his style and finding his self and sound he began to write more music, Brando Martin knew this is what he wanted to become, a music artist. With his first project "Underestimated", a nine track cd he tends to go with the situations he's been facing on a daily basics and other people actions he came across."

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